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For us, there’s a difference between being a caterer, and being a delivery service. Anyone can be a delivery service, trucking in food that’s already been cooked and just needs to be put on the buffet. A caterer brings the whole experience to you. It’s amazing how much it enhances an event when you can smell the steaks on the grill, and see the sauces on the stove top. We bring our own equipment and make a mobile kitchen right on site, so that we can prepare your meal right in front of you and your guests, providing an experience like no other. True caterers are a special breed, built to handle anything that comes their way – weather, delays, panicked brides or even a floor falling in! True caterers keep it together no matter what, and make sure that at the end of the day your event came off beautifully, and with an amazing meal. A true caterer ends up doing so much more than just bringing you a hot meal – we make the event happen.

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Please note: The State of Vermont has asked us to inform you that eating raw or undercooked foods could increase your risk of a food borne illness.